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Trades and Businesses

The economic backbone of an abbey is its trades and businesses.

Running a business is no end in itself. Monks do not work to become rich, but to earn a living. St. Benedict writes: „For then are they truly monastics when they live by the labor of their hands, as did our Fathers and the Apostles.“ (RB, 46, translation taken and amended from osb.org) Prayer and work to him are as one, as is the union of human body and soul: The famous Benedictine adage is ORA ET LABORA – PRAY AND WORK!

Work ensures the subsistence of the community, and it is a prerequisite for the community to be able to fulfill its responsibilities. As the monks no longer can carry out the whole range of activities and tasks relating to the monastery, a number of employees work for the Stift Neuburg today. The abbey gives everyone – be it monk or employee – the opportunity to develop and grow his/her skills and abilities. We take great care to treat our customers, employees and suppliers with appreciation and respect, faithfully following St. Benedict: „…that in all things God may be glorified” (RB 57, translation taken and amended from osb.org)

Due to our present demographic situation we are not in a position to run our businesses and trades (restaurant, farm, etc.) ourselves and therefore, they are leased to third parties. This also means that, unfortunately, we do not have any influence on the management of these businesses.