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Friends of Stift Neuburg

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Everyone needs friends – and so does a monastery. Without our friends, many activities would no longer be possible. There are volunteers who act as gatekeepers, offer their services in case of illness, or put their trades and handiwork skills to good use for the monastery and the monks. In many cases they are the first point of contact for visitors and thus give a face to the monastery.

Beyond the practical, the Friends of Stift Neuburg also provide financial support. In economically difficult times, they help to ensure that things keep running - maintaining, restoring and modernizing the buildings does incur cost. But even more important than this is the investment into the future of our monastic community. For what is the use of the most beautiful building if nobody lives in it?

How YOU can help? Become a friend of the Stift Neuburg! Support us by prayer, voluntary work, or a donation. To quote St. Benedict „…that in all things God may be glorified”
(RB 57, translation taken from osb.org)


1. Chairman: Dr. Carl Gerber
2. Chairman: Abt Winfried Schwab OSB
Honorary Chairman: Prof. Dr. Paul Kirchhof
Treasurer: Bernhard Carl
Secretary: Bernhard Knoblauch
Advisors: Stefanie Kammerer, Rüdiger Haas
Contact: Verein der Freunde der Benediktinerabtei Neuburg e.V., Stiftweg 2, 69118 Heidelberg